About The Firm

Dedicated to Protecting Your Person, Your Property, and Your Business

Finding an attorney who is a good fit for your particular needs can be a major challenge. You need someone who:

  • Is thoroughly acquainted with the area of law where you require representation
  • Understands your goals and priorities
  • Fosters an attorney-client relationship based on trust

In over 40 years of practice, Jack Sturgill and his team at the Law Office of Jack R. Sturgill have supported the diverse legal needs of individuals, businesses, and government entities across Maryland. We specialize in:

We take the time to understand the unique details of your case and review all applicable options to create a legal solution that’s right for you. Putting the needs of clients first and safeguarding their best interests means more than knowing the law inside and out. Quality legal representation also requires a steady balance of sound expertise, mutual respect, courtesy, and compassion.

Choosing the right legal partner can have a significant impact on the outcome of your case, which is why we encourage every client to get to know us, understand our approach, and learn about the extent of our experience. To schedule a consultation, contact the Law Office of Jack R. Sturgill today by calling 410-296-6485 or using our online contact form.