Hurt on the Job? Make Sure You Preserve Your Claim

There are millions of injuries that occur in the workplace each year. While most of them are fairly minor, there are still many that can be quite serious. If you experience any type of serious workplace injury, you may need to file a lawsuit in order to get the compensation you are entitled to. To help preserve your legal claim, make sure you take all the following actions after your injury.

Seek Medical Attention

Do not try to “tough it out” or just put up with an injury for the rest of your shift. If you are hurt, you need to go see a doctor right away. If your injury will make it difficult to safely drive yourself, have an ambulance come transport you. If you aren’t certain that medical attention is necessary, it is better to be safe than sorry, so always opt to go to the hospital or your normal doctor.

Report the Injury According to Your Employers Guidelines

As soon as you’re able to, make sure you report the injury to your manager, HR, or whichever department handles this type of thing at your employer. Follow the exact procedures so that your employer can’t say you did anything wrong. If you aren’t sure what the normal policy is with your employer, ask your manager for assistance. In some cases, an employer will try to say that you don’t need to report the injury to them. If that is the case, get them to tell you this in writing (either physical writing or email) so you have proof that they didn’t require a report of the injury.

Document Everything that Happened

Gather as much information as you can about what happened surrounding the injury. If possible, take pictures of where the incident happened and any physical evidence that it occurred. Also, write your account of what took place leading up to the injury and what you did following the injury. This could all be very valuable should you need to file a lawsuit.

Follow Your Doctor’s Instructions

If your doctor gives you instructions on what to do as part of your recovery plan, make sure to follow them carefully. This includes taking all medication, performing any physical therapy, and coming to follow-up appointments. If you don’t follow their instructions, it may look like you didn’t consider the injury to be serious, which can be used against you in your legal case.

Contact an Attorney

Anytime you experience a serious injury at work, you should contact a personal injury attorney to go over the situation. An attorney can let you know whether or not a lawsuit would be appropriate and help you to pursue the case correctly. If you have any questions, please contact us to schedule a consultation right away.

Written by Law Office of Jack R. Sturgill

Jack R. Sturgill, the Owner and CEO of Jack’s Law, has practiced civil litigation for over 40 years. As an experienced litigator and real estate, estate planning, and estate administration law attorney in Maryland, he focuses his practice on legal matters pertaining to real estate, land use, eminent domain and condemnation, business and corporate law, estate planning, estate administration, personal injury, and administrative law.