How to Respond After Having a Complaint Filed Against You as a Professional

You’ve spent years taking professional classes and thousands of dollars to finally obtain your professional license. Subsequently, you put a lot of sweat equity into your practice and cultivated a professional reputation you are proud of. That’s why the complaint filed against you as a licensed professional is so wounding. Depending on your line of work, you might have to attend a hearing in front of the applicable licensing board or a disciplinary committee within the agency. This is why you need to get prepared by following the following steps. 

  1. Consult with an attorney experienced in administrative law and professional complaints. You will probably be confused, angry, fearful, or a combination of all three emotions when you are notified that someone has lodged a complaint against you as a professional. However, you need to get to work promptly and get in touch with a qualified and established law firm. After you have enlisted the help of a lawyer, you should not speak with anyone from your regulatory agency or the other side without your counsel by your side. 
  2. Respond to the complaint promptly; don’t put it on the backburner or let it get buried under piles of paper on your desk. As if it needed to be said, don’t simply ignore the complaint lodged against you or neglect to respond. Generally, investigations of licensed professionals in Maryland last around 60 days. The window of time for you to respond varies by industry, so be sure to speak with your attorney about when to respond. Failure to respond to a complaint will hurt your standing in the case and possibly open you up to fines. 
  3. Do not, however, respond to the complaint yourself. Your response must adhere to certain formatting guidelines and provide necessary information; if you respond to a complaint without any attorney’s help, your response may be deemed improper. If you need more time to submit an adequate response, write to your regulatory body and request an extension. 

Complaints Against Real Estate Professionals

A significant part of our practice is defending real-estate professionals, such as property appraisers and home-improvement contractors, from complaints lodged against them. Working in real estate is challenging; there are many competing interests in play, and people tend to be sensitive about their dream home. There are many laws and regulations for real-estate licensees to adhere to, which is why having an experienced attorney with connections to experts is so crucial. 


When someone files a complaint against you, the complaint could get dismissed or begin a difficult investigation. Regardless of the manner of the complaint, you need to respond promptly and properly; this is best accomplished with a competent and experienced attorney on your side. Call Jack R. Sturgill, Attorney at Law at 410-296-6485 to let us help you gain back your reputation and livelihood.