Estates & Trusts

Plan Today for Future Peace of Mind

You want to make plans for the future—to provide for your loved ones once you are gone and, if you own a business, to ensure that it will continue to thrive for years to come. At the Law Office of Jack R. Sturgill, we can help you accomplish these and similar estate planning goals.

Planning Your Estate

Estate planning allows you to make some of life’s most important and sensitive decisions at a time when you can thoroughly and properly evaluate your options. It includes:

  • Putting together a Will to direct the disposition of your money, property and assets
  • Setting up Trusts to help your family avoid probate, managing assets for child beneficiaries, ensuring your pets have a loving home, and minimizing estate or death taxes
  • Establishing a financial and / or Health Care Power of Attorney so your family knows your wishes when you are unable to express them
  • Creating a Living Trust (sometimes called a “revocable” Trust) that allows easy transfer of your assets without going through probate
  • Business succession to keep your company going for future generations
  • And more!

Our team will help you formalize your wishes to guide medical treatment, protect your hard-earned assets, and save your family additional stress during a difficult and emotional time. Whether you have modest or significant assets, we offer caring advice and customized documents to protect and prepare you and your loved ones for future life events.


Trusts are oftentimes one of the most beneficial estate planning vehicles at your disposal and can help you achieve a wide range of estate planning goals, including minimizing the impact and cost of probate, minimizing your taxable estate, and allowing you to exert much more control over the dispersal of assets to your heirs and other potential beneficiaries like charities.

There are numerous types of Trusts available that can help ensure your wishes are properly carried out after you are gone and maximize the inheritance you leave for your loved ones. You can even create a Pet Trust that will ensure your furry family members are properly cared for in a loving home after you’re gone. Our knowledgeable Trust attorneys will advise you on the best options available based on your unique goals and circumstances, and help you create the Trusts you need as part of your comprehensive estate plan.

Estate Administration

Legal matters are likely the furthest thing from your mind when a loved one passes away. We can help.

Let the team at the Law Office of Jack R. Sturgill assume the complex responsibility of administering an estate according to your wishes while you focus on your family. We will:

  • Represent you in probate court
  • Identify and notify beneficiaries
  • Inventory and distribute estate assets
  • Address the issues of estate debts and taxes
  • Resolve any family-related issues that arise

Every estate has unique issues that we respectfully and completely resolve to distribute and close an estate. From complete estate administration services to simply supporting you through the process and offering advice as needed, we will make things as easy as possible for you during these difficult times. Please contact us today to discuss your case.