Responding to Professional Complaints: Prevention, Preparation, & Response

If you are a licensed professional, one of the last pieces of mail you want to receive is a complaint about your work. However, it is not unusual for many professionals to have to respond to a complaint at least once during his or her career. With a desire to defend one’s professional aptitude, many professionals often tend to go the route of responding to the complaint on their own. However, this often gets Read More

5 Signs of a Strong Merger & Acquisition

In general, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) describe the consolidation of companies. To clarify, a merger is where two companies merge together to form one new company while an acquisition is when one company takes over, or acquires, another. Although the two terms are usually referred to together, this distinction is important as each term describes a different process. The M&A process is complicated, and not Read More

Maryland Personal Injury Law: Understanding “Contributory Negligence”

In deciding whether to award damages in a personal injury case, courts apply the legal standard of either contributory negligence or comparative negligence. The amount of damages awarded can change significantly, depending upon what standard is applied. Maryland is one of only five states that still applies contributory negligence to personal injury cases. Washington, D.C., North Carolina, Alabama, and Virginia Read More

5 Keys to Successful Business Succession Planning

If you are a business owner, chances are you have contemplated what will happen to your business once you have left the company. Business succession planning is when the owner of a business plans for a future date when they will no longer be a part of the day-to-day operations of the business. Succession planning isn’t just for death or disability of the owner; a good succession strategy also plans for expected life Read More

A Brief Guide to Appraisal and Mortgage Fraud

Real estate appraisals and mortgages are a key part of the housing market, allowing homeowners to receive financing to obtain their dream home. However, both appraisals and mortgages can be manipulated through fraudulent practices, with devastating consequences to both buyers and sellers. Victims of appraisal and mortgage fraud may be entitled to receive compensation with the help of a qualified real estate attorney. Read More

Your Family, Your Business, Your Legacy: What Small Business Owners Need to Consider for Their Estate Plans

How can your family continue to benefit from your business after you're gone? Who will make decisions about your business, and how? These questions may not come up often when you're busy running a small business, but they are worth considering. The earlier you plan your estate, the more security you can offer yourself, your partners, and your family in the long run. A Trust or Will is an essential part of any Read More

What Every Marylander Needs to Know About Auto Crash Liability

If you've recently been in a car crash, you should consult an attorney as soon as possible—but not without some key information about auto crash liability laws in Maryland. The first thing you need to know is your deadline for potentially litigating a claim. The statute of limitations in Maryland is three years for both personal injury and property damage lawsuits, which means if  you decide to do so, you must file a Read More

Which Business Entity Is Right for You?

Selecting a legal structure for your company is one of the most important business decisions you will make. Your choice will dictate the amount of paperwork the company will have to do, your ability to raise funds, your personal liability, and how much you have to pay in taxes. Each option has its advantages and drawbacks, and knowing what they are will make your decision a better-informed one. Sole Read More

Leave it to the Professionals: Understanding the Risks Inherent in a DIY Estate Plan

Thanks to the Internet, DIY estate planning has never been easier, or cheaper. Information is abundant online, forms practically fill themselves out, and you save money on advisor’s fees. It sounds great, but there could be a cloud lurking behind that silver lining. While it is technically possible to “do it yourself,” there are real risks involved when you arrange the distribution of your hard-earned wealth Read More

A Brief Introduction To Maryland Eminent Domain

Government entities have the ability to take private property for a public purpose (such as a highway, school or transit project) provided they offer fair compensation to the owner. It’s a controversial process, but not sudden or abrupt as some people assume. There is no swooping in on some hapless property owner—Maryland law requires certain steps to be followed before the government can assume control of land Read More